Up Aussie is a team of engineers, tradesmen and technology enthusiasts (nerds). Read more about us. We like to do the job, and the following step-by-step process will help you obtain all the information you need, and will help us to mainly concentrate on what we love – engineering, installing and supporting our InternetDoorLock.

InternetDoorLock implements a full solution to ensure your satisfaction, by achieving the following 3 requirements.

  • - Robust Technology and Internet Security
  • - Top quality Workmanship
  • - Top quality Maintenance and Support

Our implementation process is designed to clearly engage with you, as our customer, to ensure the final quality, security and proper operation of your InternetDoorLock.

#1 Read our website

Take the time to read our website. Specifically, read the benefits, the security, and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Feel welcome to contact us to ask all your questions.

#2 Request a free quote

Upon submitting an on-line request for a free quote, you’ll be contacted by UpAussie within 2 workdays. An UpAussie team-member will contact you for a telephone discussion to collect some basic information and to schedule a free Site Survey.

#3 Free Site Survey

At a time agreeable to you, an UpAussie technician will visit your address to conduct a free Site Survey. During the Site Survey we to collect all site specific details needed for us to write a quote, and to perform a high quality job. It is also an opportunity for you to ask questions.

The Site Survey is an important planning activity, which enables us to achieve a high quality installation. The UpAussie technician will utilise a comprehensive checklist, and which will address the key areas:

  • - Locksmith requirements, for existing door locking mechanism
  • - Electrical requirements, for power feed for new electric strike
  • - Networking requirements, for ethernet data feed from your ISP’s router
  • - Telecom requirements, pertaining to your internet router or modem
  • - Carpentry requirements

#4 UpAussie’s obligation-free Quote

After completing the Site Survey, UpAussie will email you a Quote within 2 workdays.

Our Quote will be fully comprehensive and all inclusive, unless we have clearly agreed with you in writing to exclude any item of work. In the case of any ambiguity You will be right. UpAussie will not attempt to claim extra charges.

Our Quote will reference the UpAussie standard terms & conditions of sale, as published on our website.

You have no obligation to accept the Quote.

UpAussie welcomes you to stay in touch, and to ask questions, and to further clarify your quote if necessary.

A great way to stay in touch with UpAussie is to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

#5 Installation

The installation of your InternetDoorLock is a 2 step process.

An UpAussie installation team will come to your site to perform all preparation work. This includes installation of the electric strike. Also, a DC power feed will be installed, to power the InternetDoorLock and electric strike. Also, data cables will befed from your router to the InternetDoorLock (also WiFi data is possible). And any necessary carpentry, masonry or plastering work will be performed. The result will be a quality installation that meets all the prerequisites needed for the final Networking activity.

An UpAussie electrical engineer will come to your site to test and deploy the InternetDoorLock. This involves setting up the Router, entering new passwords, installing the Apps onto your mobile phones, and conducting a simple training to show how to operate the InternetDoorLock.

At a mutually agreed time, the Up Aussie technican will ensure the App is installed and operational on all your smart-phones and devices.

#6 Maintenance

Upon deploying your InternetDoorLock you have a 12 month product warranty and free service call-outs if you experience any problems.

After the 12 months, you have the assurance that UpAussie is always close-by to provide continued support if and when necessary. As of August 2016, we cover the wider Sydney metro area, and continuously expanding our reach.

We will continue to communicate to you via our email newsletters about new developments with the InternetDoorLock. UpAussie is constantly introducing new features, and security improvements.

UpAussie strives to keep all our callout fees at fair and competitive rates. All future software revisions are free-of-charge and included in our Callout Rates. Are callout rates are published on our website.

Keep in touch with us for the latest news and updates by following us on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. We look forward to your feedback too.

#7 Placing an Order

Great. You’ve decided to take a step into the future, by choosing InternetDoorLock on your phone App to operate your Front Door.

You’ve decided to place an order for your own InternetDoorLock, and that’s exactly what you’ll get, according to the 3 main requirements.

  • - Our InternetDoorLock will be Robust and Secure as specified.
  • - Our InternetDoorLock installation will be of high-quality as defined at the Site Survey and described in the Quote.
  • - Our InternetDoorLock will be easy to operate, as shown in the YouTube video.

UpAussie will be delighted to work with you and to support you.

Please proceed to our UpAussie on-line portal, where you’ll be asked to sign-in and reference your Quote.

If you’re Quote has expired, then the website will redirect you to revalidate your Quote before proceeding to order.

When ordering, you will be asked to accept the UpAussie standard terms & conditions of sale, and will be asked to accept the Quote.

After accepting the Quote and ordering on our portal, your order is only deemed as accepted by UpAussie when the deposit is received.

After order acceptance by Up Aussie, UpAussie will issue a Job Instruction to our service team to install the InternetDoorLock by the agreed date.

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