Dear Customer ,

Think back 10 years. It’s amazing how far you’ve progressed into the age of the internet. Willingly or unwillingly – you’ve changed!

Some of the changes were difficult. If you’ve embraced the internet, then possibly your smart-TV, digital oven, programmable air-conditioner, digital camera, smartphone and your favourite apps (such as facebook, google, skype, e-mail, etc) have simplified and enriched your life. Perhaps your fitbit or heart-rate app has saved your life.

Be proud of yourself for navigating through the changing technological landscape. You’ve achieved a lot. And there’s no turning back. We at UpAussie want to join you on your internet journey.

So get ready, as the momentum towards the “Internet of Things (IOT)” gathers speed!! A speed so fast, that the high-tech community says it’s a 15 trillion dollar industry, but no one can see it or describe it, so they’ve call it a thing or everything. UpAussie’s mission is to support you.

UpAussie wishes to join you on one of the newest internet frontiers – to help you create your smart-home. A home where everything works, efficiently, safely, securely, and thinks for itself according to your design.

And to start this next step in your internet journey, to automate your home, UpAussie has chosen the most challenging “thing” to connect to the internet. Your Front Door.

With InternetDoorLock we can now connect your Front Door to the internet, securely, and with professional workmanship. InternetDoorLock is easy of use, and we’re convinced your Door will become one of your favourite iPhone or Android Apps.

You’ll wonder how you’ve lived without your InternetDoorLock.


Mark Bosnjak, B.E., MBA, PMP Managing Director Up Aussie Pty. Ltd.

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