Up Aussie is serious about security. Are you a programmer or ethical hacker and do you want to engage with Up Aussie to further develop our security?

Technologies and software is continuously evolving, and we work collaboratively with the wider community of programmers (including ethical hackers) to ensure the InternetDoorLock has the best possible security.

We are always on the lookout for talented people to contact us, and to offer services to improve our InternetDoorLock.

We have our test-version located on the following public IP address. Instead of a door, it’s connected to an LED diode.

Please feel free to have a go at cracking our security. If you succeed to gain Root access or succeed in turning “on” the diode, then we’ll employ your service to implement your security improvement. (Note: we don’t count DOS attacks as a successful hack, as it doesn’t result in the LED turning “on” and doesn’t result in Root access.)

Just like You – we love programming, and are passionate about continuously improving our InternetDoorLock.

In advance, we thank You for your time end effort to test our security, and we look forward to working with You!

Please contact us at work@upaussie.com


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