The short answer is, it’s an App.

The longer answer is, the InternetDoorLock is a comprehensive service.

Our service focuses on leadership in 3 areas:

  • - unsurpassed internet security
  • - best and most comprehensive home installation service
  • - best product support and maintenance

When you buy our InternetDoorLock, you’re buying a comprehensive service, from a 100% Australian company with the highest regard for your internet security, and will provide a professional installation, and provide ongoing support.

The UpAussie InternetDoorLock is based on TuffServer technology, which is developed according to OWASP security specifications, and has been penetration tested to ensure all known vulnerabilities have been addressed.

We believe in our product, and follow a process of continuous improvement.

In our testing process, we engage ethical hackers to find weaknesses in our security features, and to work with us to continuously improve the InternetDoorLock.

We communicate with Australian universities and other industry leaders to actively participate in the industry discussions.

Security of the InternetDoorLock is the leading concern in UpAussie’s mission to serve our customers. Attainment of highest possible security is major concern to UpAussie and is pervasive in every aspect of the InternetDoorLock design and operation.

Your InternetDoorLock comes with 12 months free software upgrades, to ensure all new security developments are incorporated into your door. UpAussie recommends an annual service visit, to ensure the highest level of security.

In terms of hardware, the InternetDoorLock is highly secure webserver and door controller, in the form of a small, low-power computer, which is installed inside your ceiling or wall. This computer will connect to your home’s power, to your home’s internet router, and to your door’s electric lock.

No gadgets. No gimmicks. The InternetDoorLock consists of tried and proven, standard components, which includes industrial grade power modules, and ARM microprocessors, and our proprietary software.

The best technologies are hidden, and fit into your lifestyle and home, so you don’t notice its presence. The InternetDoorLock electro-mechanics is fitted into your doorjamb and wall or ceiling. You’ll have our App on your phone.

Upon pressing your App, you will securely connect to your door’s computer. Like putting a key into a lock.

Upon validation of your stored password, your door will open. Like turning a key.

You can install the App on your Apple iPhone or all major brands of smart-phones running Android software, such as Samsung, LG, etc...

Also, we support iPod and most Tablets.

By July 2017 we expect the release of our iWatch APP.

The InternetDoorLock is security tested and includes TuffServer technology, to ensure peace of mind.

The InternetDoorLock is a comprehensive service, which includes our technology, software and service. Currently, we serve customers in the wider Sydney metropolitan area, only.

If you’d like to buy the InternetDoorLock, start by requesting a free quote.

We only accept orders in our internet portal, at _____________. After signing into our Portal and accepting our quote, then we’ll present you with the following payment options.


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