As enthusiasts in the Internet of Things (IOT), we’ve become tired of all the internet gadgets entering the market, which promise much but deliver little.

In 2014 we assembled our team of electrical engineers, tradesmen and software engineers to develop the InternetDoorLock. We are a 100% Australian company. The InternetDoorLock is 100% engineered and manufactured in Australia.

Our staff has over 20 years experience in telecommunications systems, information systems engineering, and project management. For your home, we provide all the carpentry, locksmith, IT networking and electrical services that are necessary to install your InternetDoorLock.

We provide a comprehensive home installation service and product support service, and we cover the Sydney metro area.

By purchasing an InternetDoorLock, you’re directly contributing to jobs at a 100% Australian business, which also employs services from local Australian tradesmen and women

We’re passionate about the quality of our InternetDoorLock, and we’re passionate about achieving a great installation in your home.

You’ll wonder how you’ve lived without an InternetDoorLock.

We hope to begin the journey, by you contacting us for a free quote.


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